Associate Director of Clinical Training in the Psy.D. Program – Miami Campus


The ADCT will support in the management of the PsyD Program and Clinic in
collaboration with the DCT. Will also have function with planning, developing and coordinating
the program’s instructional and clinical activities, as necessary to ensure that students receive
assistance in meeting their learning and clinical objectives. Will supper the DCT in opening new
program(s), obtaining accreditation and engaging in self-study activities to affirm reaccreditation, with licensing and professional agencies. ADCT will provide leadership to manage
accreditation processes.


1. Will oversee the quality of practicum sites and students’ clinical trainings
2. Reviews and approves all practicum affiliation agreements.
3. Responsible of approving available outside practicum sites which meet APA training
standards of accreditation.
4. Monitors the quality all external clinical practicum based on APA standards of
5. Oversee the internal and external placement of interns
6. Assist the DCT in the strategic direction if the Clinic


1. Assists the DCT in planning, developing and coordinating instructional activities as
necessary in order to ensure that students receive assistance in meeting their learning
2. Keeps students informed of progress and developments in the field.
3. Participates in the admission process for the clinical psychology programs.
4. Submits required academic, clinical and institutional reports and forms (mid-term/ final
grades, etc.) in a timely and accurate manner.
5. Maintains responsibilities for the preparation of reports required by the university and/or
accrediting, licensing and professional agencies.
6. Participates in student evaluations twice a term at the faculty and clinical meetings to
determine student progress and professional development.
7. Submits grades to the Registrar’s Office for students in outside practicum based on site
supervisor’s evaluations.
8. Establishes and maintains an instructional atmosphere conducive to learning and
9. Uses office time to prepare information for students, to assist them in meeting their
professional developmental needs.
10. Encourages student participation in their academic and professional development.
11. Assists DCT in completing end-of-the-year student evaluations and degree completion.


1. Participates in activities or faculty committees and similar bodies.
2. Actively participates in institutional meetings and committees.
3. Provide guidance to support students’ Doctoral Projects, and serve on their committees.


1. Provide supervision to staff as assigned
2. Assesses and coordinates students, faculty and program need
3. Maintains availability to students on an individual and/or small group basis to respond to
student questions and concerns.


1. Teaches courses per contract in area of expertise.
2. Performs student advisement and end-of-the-year student evaluations.


1. Abides by the principles and procedures as well as institutional philosophy as contained
in the university catalog, faculty handbook, student handbook, and other institutional
2. Holds membership and/or takes active participation in professional organizations which
emphasize academic excellence.
3. Fulfills the obligations of any reassignment of duties between classroom, office,
academic, administrative and committee tasks as required by institutional priorities.
4. Participates in Annual Graduation Ceremony.
5. Maintains professional licensure in good standing, professional memberships in
professional organizations, and participates in continuing education activities.
6. Conducts research in a particular field or knowledge and publishes findings in
professional journals.
7. Reports directly to the Director of Clinical Training.


Qualified applicants will possess a PhD or PsyD in Clinical Psychology from an APA
Accredited program. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in higher education.
Teaching of clinical courses experience is highly desirable.
Must be licensed in the State of Florida.

REPORTS TO: Director of Clinical Training

To apply please send your resume to: 

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