Clinical Supervisor – Speech and Language Pathology – Miami Campus


  • Dedicate the assigned supervisory time exclusively for this task. The time required corresponds to a minimum of 25% of each session.
  • Discuss expectations for clinical practice experience at the beginning of each semester.
  • Offer daily mentoring to the students in the period assigned by the case manager.
  • Write daily notes with clear and precise recommendations for students regarding their clinical and professional skills.
  • Write a monthly report that collects the student’s performance.
  • Revise and return general therapy plan, daily therapy plan, evaluation report, progress reports and any other work in a period of time that will not exceed one week from the time the student handed them in.
  • Maintain a proper environment that promotes learning, and respect the dignity and diversity of each student.
  • Stimulate learning through readings, attending workshops, and case discussions, among other things.
  • Keep professional credentials up to date.
  • Keep your clinical knowledge and skills up to date.
  • Be willing to handle and manage particular situations the students may face.
  • Formally assess each student midway through and at the end of each semester and when necessary. Complete these evaluations at the request of the academic supervisors, on the dates offered.
  • Develop remedial plans in collaboration with the academic supervisor to correct the deficiencies found.
  • Guide first and second-year students in their process of observation.
  • Be willing to proofread the observation notes made by the first- and second-year students, in a period of no longer than two weeks.
  • Protect the confidentiality to which the client is entitled.
  • Approve the hours in Calypso in a period no longer than one week.

To apply, please send resume to: