Director of Clinical Training

The Director of Clinical Training serves in a senior administrative and clinical capacity. The Director of Clinical Training will plan, coordinate, direct and develop all Clinical Training at Carlos Albizu University, Miami Campus. The Director of Training has the responsibility for the leadership, long range planning, and overall direction and administration of the Psy .D. program at the campus level.


  • Oversees all academic aspects of the Clinical Psychology Programs and Non-Terminal Master Program.
  • Represents the faculty of the clinical psychology and general psychology programs.
  • Plans, develops and coordinates instructional activities as necessary in order to ensure that students receive assistance in meeting their learning objectives.
  • Maintains responsibilities for the preparation of reports required by institution and/or accrediting, licensing and professional agencies.
  • Supervises full-time Clinical and General Psychology faculty and staff.

Director of Clinical Training

  • Coordinates instructional responsibilities of core and adjunct faculty. This includes recommendations to the Provost for contracting full time faculty, adjunct faculty, scheduling course assignment, and textbook orders.
  • Coordinates and supervises preparation, administration and scoring of the non-terminal master level comprehensive exams and doctoral qualifying examinations.
  • Submits required academic, clinical and institutional reports and forms (such as mid-term and final grades, etc.) in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Serves as an exofficio consultant to the Goodman Psychological Services Center.
  • Monitors student progress for the NTMS and Psy.D. programs.
  • Conducts student evaluations twice a term at faculty meetings to determine student progress and professional development.
  • Prepares and coordinates semestral and annual course schedules for the NTMS and Psy.D. programs.
  • Coordinate programming of faculty and course offerings for the NTMS and Psy.D. programs.
  • Revise academic calendar for doctoral programs.
  • Establishes and maintains an instructional atmosphere conducive to learning, and research.
  • Uses office time to prepare information for students to assist than in meeting their professional developmental needs.
  • Encourages student participation in their academic and professional development.
  • Encourages students to use additional learning resources.
  • Coordinates with student representative the evaluation of faculty and courses, and processing results.
  • Explores and appropriately develops and implements alternative teaching strategies.
  • Submits proposals as needed to further develop and improve the clinical psychology programs.
  • Coordinates admissions interviews for the non-terminal and doctoral programs.
  • Meets with students requesting program information and academic career course related concerns.
  • Reviews and prepares transfer of credit for the Provost’s approval.


  • Maintains responsibility for general and clinical psychology curriculum and professional training.
  • Recommends acquisition of textbooks, video, and testing/assessment instruments to facilitate program development.
  • Coordinates the Faculty Curriculum Committee for the Doctoral/Clinical Psychology Program.
  • Prepares, coordinates and supervises the preparation of regular and master sillabi for doctoral courses.



  • Establishes a close linkage between clinical courses and clinical practice with the Director of Psychological Services.
  • Ensures the implementation of Clinical Training policies and practices through regular communication with staff and students of the doctoral programs.
  • Organizes, conducts and coordinates training seminars and other educational experiences of clinical psychology.
  • Develops an adequate plan of Public Relations and Information concerning clinical training at Carlos Albizu University.
  • Conducts student evaluations twice a term at faculty meetings to determine student progress and professional development.
  • Keeps students informed of progress and developments in the field, and encourages students to use additional clinical resources.



  • Coordinates activities of faculty committees and similar bodies.
  • Coordinates admissions for the clinical psychology programs.
  • Actively participates in institutional meetings and committees.
  • Serves on Dissertation Committees.
  • Presides the Quality Assurance Committee for the general and clinical psychology programs.



  • Evaluates full-time and adjunct faculty performance in NTMS and Psy.D. Programs
  • Assesses and coordinates faculty and programs needs.
  • Serves as a member of the Executive Committee.
  • Prepares, submits and maintains budget responsibilities for overall clinical programs.
  • Establishes and maintains a liaison with other individuals and/or agencies.
  • Maintains required work hours, including posted office hours, as prescribed.
  • Maintains availability to students on an individual and/or small group basis to respond to student questions and concerns.
  • Monitors cost effectiveness and viability of the program by semester.
  • Analyses and monitors program success.



  • Supervises dissertation work.
  • Performs academic counseling and student advisement.



  • Abides by the principles and procedures as well as institutional philosophy as contained in the catalog, faculty handbook, student handbook and other institutional publications.
  • Holds members and/or takes active participation in professional organizations which emphasize academic excellence.
  • Fulfills the obligation of any reassignment of duties between classroom, office, academic, administrative and committee assignments as necessitated by institutional priorities.
  • Participates in Annual Graduation Ceremony.
  • Maintains professional licensure in good standing maintains professional membership in professional organizations, participates in continuing education activities.
  • Conducts research in a particular field of knowledge and publishes findings in professional journals.



Ph.D. or Psy.D. In Clinical Psychology from an APA accredited Program, APA approved Internship or its equivalent and a minimum of 5 years in teaching or educational administration of graduate programs in psychology. Licensed in the State of Florida.


To apply please send your resume to: