Director of Financial Aid

Broad Functions: Responsible for directing the university’s Financial Aid Office through coordination, administration, development, implementation, and maintenance of comprehensive financial aids services for students from federal, state, institutional, and private sources in accordance to established guidelines and procedures.

Part III:

Principal Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for all short- and Long-range planning and implementation of the FAO objectives.
  • Administers and supervises the implementation of all financial aid policies, office procedures and funding programs at the corresponding campus.
  • Plans, organizes and supervises the operational functions of the Financial Aid Office.
  • Coordinates and monitors all sources of financial Aid assistance programs to students.
  • Develops and maintain student aid policies and procedures, with a special focus on quality student service
  • Responsible for the establishment of policies, procedures and the implementation of guidelines for the verification, documentation, and certification of records selected by the Department of Education.
  • Responsible for the reconciliation of the Campus Title IV programs disbursed to students (Pell, SEOG, Work-Study, Loans) in coordination with Finance and the San Juan Campus.
  • Prepares and submits all required reports to the State and Federal Department of Education regarding the administration of the financial aid programs.
  • Responsible for the implementation of changes in Federal, State, and institutional regulations pertaining to all financial aid assistance programs.
  • Responsible for the coordination and preparation for the necessary financial aid annual audits and or program reviews.
  • Ensures that all financial aid recipients maintain academic satisfactory progress in accordance with institutional and federal guidelines.
  • Oversees the awarding of federal, state, and institutional funds and determine award parameters and Monitors all students’ direct loans roster submitted to the finance department
  • Responsible for the return of any unused loan proceeds in accordance to institutional and Federal guidelines.
  • Responsible for the preparation of calculations for all Return to Title IV Funds, and coordinates the returns of funds in accordance to the Federal guidelines. Monitors the awarding of all state assistance grants in DATATEL and the State website
  • Reviews all applications, certifies, and processes all Institutional financial aid (Albizu Scholarship, Merit Scholarship, Pinnacle Scholarship, 20% discount programs, employee tuition remission, etc.).
  • Reviews all applications, certifies and process State and Federal work study programs.
  • Responsible for the reconciliation of all State aid and return of any unused funds in accordance with State regulations.
  • Responsible for completing and submitting the State Program Annual Application.
  • Responsible for completing and submitting of the Student Disadvantage Scholarship Annual Application.
  • Assist in the completion of the annual Fiscal Operation Reports (FISAP) in coordination with the San Juan Campus.
  • Responsible for preparing and submitting any reports, on a timely basis, required by outside agencies including Federal and State Departments.
  • Responsible for the development, maintenance and creation of any changes or adjustments to the FAO computer system/module.
  • Maintains closed and timely communication with the Finance, Registrars, and Admissions departments in an effort to provide the best and most accurate information and services to CAU students.
  • Directs and supervises all office personnel.

Secondary Functions

  1. Counsels’ students, faculty, parents and staff regarding financial aid programs.
  2. Develops and maintains procedures to ensure the accuracy and organization of students’ financial aid records.
  3. Coordinates with the Admissions Department the preparation of printed informational material for prospective students.
  4. Reviews and approves students’ appeals regarding financial aid eligibility.
  5. Ensures that all forms utilized in the FAO comply with institutional, Federal, State, and private agencies guidelines and regulations for the administration of the financial assistance programs.
  6. Bi-annually, prepares, revises and maintains student cost-of-attendance budgets.
  7. Prepares and maintains FAO operating budgets.
  8. Disseminates financial aid information to prospective students and parents during orientation, open-house and any other CAU activities.
  9. Keep abreast of relevant and up-dated information regarding changes in Federal and State policies and regulations by attending annual meetings, conferences and workshops on financial aid.
  10. Establishes procedures to ensure security, confidentiality, and safety of financial aid records.
  11. Performs other related duties as assigned by Chancellor and/or immediate supervisor.

 Additional Responsibilities

  • Coordinates procedures with finance and registrars’ personnel to ensure prompt, accurate posting of student aid to students’ accounts
  • Supervises the management of student aid files to maintain confidentiality and to be in compliance with external rules and proper records management
  • Serves as a liaison with external agencies which establish guidelines and provide funds for student aid programs
  • Keeps abreast of regulatory changes in all financial assistance programs
  • Collaborates with the offices involved in the enrollment of students, including, admissions, recruitment, registrars, and finance in developing and maintaining an effective, student-friendly enrollment process
  • Attends faculty and academic program meetings to provide crucial Financial Aid information
  • Administer U.S Department of Education Title IV, State, Private and campus-based financial aid programs
  • Collaborate with the Finance office to ensure the timely and accurate receipt and distribution of student aid funds


Knowledge and Abilities

 Knowledge of federal, state, institutional and local sources of financial aid

Adequate knowledge of finance, accounting and management and computer services

Knowledge of Federal regulations and new developments in Title IV programs

Ability to communicate effectively (written and verbal) with students and staff members

Bilingual preferred


 Part IV

 Minimum Qualifications: Master’s degree required; five years of progressively responsible experience at a supervisory level within a university financial aid program.


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