Our institution supports the grantsmanship and grants management (GGM) operations of multiple units through the lifecycle of a sponsored project, beginning with the conception of an idea to win an award and closing a program once completed. These activities are dynamic, highly integrated, specialized, and regulated by diverse statutory frameworks. We seek professionals with knowledge and expertise (preferable) or willingness to learn the traits of GGM operations.


  • Bilingual
  • Computer literate, ability to do presentations
  • Available to work outside of regular work hours and in emergencies
  • Ability to collaborate with people of different educational backgrounds
  • Ability to work independently or in teams
  • Knowledge of regulatory frameworks for grantsmanship and awards/contracts management  
Staff Brief Description Individual Qualifications
Compliance & Risk Specialist


Ensures that the institution, PI/PDs, co-PIs/co-PDs, sub-awardees/ sub-contractors, and collaborators/partners comply with laws, policies, norms, and procedures related to grantsmanship and awards/contracts management. Plans, coordinates, and implements risk analysis for assessing Compliance, good standing, and standards for evidence-based results. Juris Doctor
Business Coordinator


Performs tasks supporting ERO’s daily operations, businesses, and support services. Coordinates communications with the community, meetings, agendas, minutes, and training. Collaborates to identify, summarize, and disseminate funding opportunities to the community. Preforms recordkeeping and supports compliance with archiving proposals and awards documents. BBA in General Management or Office Systems Administration


Grants Specialist Responsible for data analysis, mapping, and management to assess effectiveness, write and document reports, and design strategies for external funds pursuits. Builds boilerplates, graphics, videos, forms, templates, and surveys. Assists with training and support to institutional members with proposals, web portals, technology tools, and social networks dedicated to grantsmanship and awards management. Collaborates to keep the ERO webpage updated and functional. MEd in Learning Technologies or Curriculum Design and Technology, MA in Humanities (English) or Social Sciences, or MS in Health Sciences.


Pre-Award Coordinator


Assembles the proposal and supporting documents for submission and acts as the liaison between institutional members and stakeholders for negotiating commitments and obtaining authorizations. Manages various electronic platforms (, NSF Fastlane,, INSPIRES, era-Commons, among others) for proposal and progress reports submission and verifies that the proposals, progress reports, and supporting documents meet institutional and funding entities’ guidelines and requirements. Disseminate funding opportunities, train institutional members, draft/implement norms/procedures for pre-award, write and translate ERO documents, and coordinate Pre-Award operations. BBA (General Management), MS in Health Sciences, or MA in Public Administration, Social Sciences, Humanities
Post-Award Coordinator


Supports program administration with business transactions and liaises with the institutional Finance Office. Makes sure that procurement, travel, and accounting (3W match and payments) comply with institutional and funding entities’ policies, norms, and requirements. Provides training to institutional members and program administrators/fiscal coordinators on business transactions and best practices. Supports the Pre-Award Coordinator in preparing the proposal’s budget projections. Responsible for similar tasks regarding sub-awardees/sub-contractors and subawards/subcontracts drafting, processing, and monitoring. BBA or MBA in Accounting or Finance with courses in either discipline as a minor or professional certificate


To be considered, applicants should apply to Candidates should submit a cover letter by May 20,2022 to ensure full consideration.

Albizu is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action Employer with a strong institutional commitment to the achievement of excellence and diversity among its faculty and staff.